San Antonio Spurs only team in the West to clinch playoff berth

San Antonio Spurs (54-13, clinched playoff berth)

Throughout the entire NBA regular season the San Antonio Spurs have been the best team in the league as they have just dominated the competition and have become the first team in the Western Conference to clinch a playoff spots with a remarkable record of 54-13. The main goal for the San Antonio Spurs moving forward will be getting the best of the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs, but in the meantime they will try and hold on to the top seed in the West.

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Even though the Spurs are favored to win every single time they step foot on the basketball floor, they have struggled as of late with two big losses to the Lakers and the Miami Heat in San Antonio. Obviously, with just 13 losses all season long there is no reason to panic just yet, but hopefully they aren’t losing that flair for winning heading into the postseason.

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One of the biggest concerns for this team moving forward will be the health of their key players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. As long as the Spurs big three can hold up through the rest of the NBA regular season and into the playoffs, I believe this team has a legitimate shot to go the distance and make it back to the NBA Finals.

Obviously, with teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dallas Mavericks and of course the two-time defending NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers, the San Antonio Spurs will have a have a tough road ahead of them in the playoffs has any one of these three teams could potentially knock them out and crush their hopes for yet another NBA title in the Tim Duncan era.

There is no question at this point in time that the San Antonio Spurs are going to clinch the number one seed in the Western Conference. The defending champion Lakers made been hot on their trail and after beating them in San Antonio are confident that they can take the Spurs in a seven-game series, but catching up to this team seems out of the question with only a handful of games left in the NBA regular season.

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Unfortunately, even though it was inevitable, the San Antonio Spurs have become the first team in the Western Conference to clinch a playoff spot. With a record of 54-13 that is no real surprise, but at least it is a bit of a weight off the shoulders as they can now concentrate on staying healthy and clinching that top spot in the West.

If the playoffs were to start today, the San Antonio Spurs would be going head-to-head against the Memphis Grizzlies. Even though many people believe that the Grizzlies are nothing but a perennial bottom feeder in the Western Conference, they have flown relatively under the radar this season and could be dangerous for the Spurs if they do end up being matchup in the first round.

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