Are the Minnesota Vikings still a Super Bowl title contender without Brett Favre?

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Last season the Minnesota Vikings were arguably the best team in the NFC conference outside of the New Orleans Saints. The Vikings possessed the total package as they were a dominant team of both sides of the football with Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson running the offense and Jared Allen maintaining leads on defense.

Needless to say, the Vikings were a force to be reckoned with in the NFC Conference once again as they had yet to meet their equal until the NFC championship game against Drew Brees and company.

Even though the New Orleans Saints went on to the Super Bowl and won their first Super Bowl title in franchise history, it could be argued that the Minnesota Vikings were the better all around team and just lucked out in the NFC championship game.

The Minnesota Vikings have a better offense, better defense and better all around quarterback in Brett Favre, but they had to watch the Super Bowl from home as a costly interception by the Silver Fox in overtime turned out to be the deciding factor in the NFC championship game.

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Despite being so close to the Super Bowl and Brett Favre not reaching his ultimate goal of winning one more ring before he finally hangs up the cleats, the Minnesota Vikings have great chances of a repeat performance next season if the 11-time Pro Bowler chooses to come back for more season under center.

Even though this would seem like a no-brainer that the future Hall of Fame quarterback would come back for one more season with a Super Bowl title contender, the infamously indecisive quarterback has still yet to make his decision on whether or not he wants to lace up his cleats for one more go around.

This is something that we should be used to by now as Favre has done this consistently over the past half decade or so, but after having arguably his best season of his career last year (4,202 yards, 33 TDs and seven interceptions) and being able to lead a team as talented as the Minnesota Vikings are right now, most people believed that his mind should already be made up.

Unfortunately, it is not and the Minnesota Vikings might very well have to go on without their superstar quarterback as he could officially call it quits. If three-time NFL MVP does decide to retire, the team will be handed over to backup quarterback Tavaris Jackson.

There is no doubt that Tavaris Jackson is a talented quarterback with the skills to become a Pro Bowl caliber QB in this league, but he is no Brett Favre and with Jackson behind center, the Vikings will go from a Super Bowl title contender to just another team fighting for a playoff spot in the NFC Conference.

The only thing that Jackson brings to the table that Favre doesn’t is speed and mobility. Tavaris Jackson is a quick QB that can make plays with his feet, but the very presence of Brett Favre keeps the opposing defense on its heels and completely opens up both the ground game and the passing game.

So in my opinion, if the Silver Fox officially retires, so do the chances of the Minnesota Vikings competing for a Super Bowl title next season as having Jackson as the starter is taking a step back for arguably one of the best teams in the league.

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