Indianapolis Colts set on making Peyton Manning highest paid player in the NFL

The NFL has a lot of big name quarterbacks in the league today that could ultimately go down as some of the greatest QB’s of all-time. With quarterbacks like Brett Favre (recently retired), Tom Brady (New England Patriots), Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers), Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles), Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons) and Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) in the league, the debate over who is the best quarterback in the league can be tough from season to season, but I can almost guarantee that the one player on the top of everyone’s list in this debate is the Indianapolis Colts Peyton Manning.

With four NFL MVPs and one Super Bowl title, Peyton Manning is arguably one of the most successful quarterbacks in the league today, but he is also one of the most unguardable quarterbacks in the league as he has an uncanny knack of knowing how to dissect even the most dominant defenses in the NFL.

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This season may have been toughest for the four-time NFL MVP as his receiving corps was severely depleted and banged up with injuries all season long. Even though Peyton didn’t have his favorite target in the Colts offense with tight end Dallas Clark (out for the season), the Indianapolis gunslinger still had an impressive season and was able to lead his team to another AFC South division title.

Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts were knocked out of the first round of playoffs by the New York Jets, but coming in the next year they will still be a serious force to be reckoned with in the AFC Conference as long as the team can stay healthy.

The Indianapolis Colts number one priority during the off-season will be to sign Peyton Manning to a contract extension. There have been talks between Peyton and the Colts throughout the season, but a deal wasn’t set to be done until this off-season.

Recently the Indianapolis Colts came out and said that they intend to make Peyton Manning the highest-paid player in the NFL. Obviously, this is a distinction that changes from season to season as the highest-paid player usually has a contract that most big name players in the league try to restructure their own contracts with.

Peyton Manning
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Regardless of what other players do after Peyton Manning signs this new contract, the Colts superstar quarterback will become a very rich man during the off-season. A lot of players that do sign these big contracts usually aren’t worth the money they get paid as they never seem to live up to their new deals, but I believe that Peyton Manning will be the exception here as he has been extremely consistent throughout his Hall of Fame caliber career.

It is uncertain what moves the Indianapolis Colts will make throughout the off-season to improve their football team, but certainly believe they will be playoff bound once again in the front runner some in the AFC South division next season.

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