New York Jets holding back from trash talking this week

Last week the New York Jets were a team that dominated the sports headlines around the country as they weren’t short on words about their arch rivals in the New England Patriots. With an obvious bitterness towards their division rivals, the Jets had no mercy when talking about the Patriots as it was clear there was no respect between these two teams from the AFC East division.

Head coach Rex Ryan may have been the one person to stand out in all of last week as he basically said this playoff game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots was a battle between him and Bill Belichick. As usual, Belicheck said that wasn’t the case as neither one of them would be suiting up and playing on the field at Gillette Stadium, but Ryan persisted with his talk about the three-time Super Bowl champion head coach.

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Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets

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Ultimately, it was the players that led the New York Jets to their second straight AFC Championship game, but it has become obvious that the trash talking between the two teams really motivated this New York squad as they came into the divisional round against New England with a never say die attitude that led them to victory.

Now the New York Jets and finally quieted their critics by getting the best of the New England Patriots and advancing back to the AFC Championship game, they may have an even tougher challenge ahead of them as they will go head-to-head against Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Even though the Jets are usually the team that makes more noise than any other during these playoffs, Rex Ryan and company have been really quiet this week heading into their showdown with the Steelers and have shown nothing but respect for this storied Pittsburgh franchise.

The New England Patriots may have been arguably the best team in the NFL heading into last weekend’s playoff game against the New York Jets, but the lockdown defense of the Jets finally showed up and proved that they can stop basically any offense in the league with two consecutive victories over to the best quarterbacks in NFL history in Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

In the AFC Championship game, the New York Jets will be facing a different kind of quarterback as Big Ben is a player that is not known for his dominance in the passing game, but more for making the right play at the right time and been extremely tough to stop.

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With two Super Bowl titles and the distinction is one of the best quarterbacks in the league today, Big Ben is about as good as it gets at the quarterback position, but like I said before is not known to put up big numbers that can intimidate defense, but the Jets have given this quarterback a lot of respect as they say he is as tough to stop as any QB in the league.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback

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So ironically enough, the Pittsburgh Steelers in the New York Jets will come into this game with little controversy and no trash talk as these two teams seem to be taking this game in a professional manner with no hard feelings or animosity towards each other.

In my opinion, this should be a good football game against two extremely good defenses, but in the end I believe the Pittsburgh Steelers are just a better and more experienced team and should head to the Super Bowl once again.

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