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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks 4/20

The Atlanta Hawks absolutely crushed the Bucks in the opening quarter of Saturday night’s series opener. Despite a seemingly narrow margin of victory, there is no doubt that the Hawks are the superior team. Without Andrew Bogut, the Bucks are gasping for breath. Even if the Bucks did have Bogut, the Hawks would still be […]

Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics 4/17

The Heat and Celtics are set to battle in the first game of their series on Saturday. In earlier action, the Cavs (well, Lebron), were able to top the Bulls and Atlanta got off to a hot start against the Bucks. The home teams have been on fire, but Miami can dominate anywhere, the court’s […]

Chicago Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors 04/11

Toronto and Chicago are fighting for the last spot in the playoffs, and they have been for weeks. Toronto had to overcome a deficit in the standings, and have finally locked up the 8th and final spot. With that said, Chicago has the same record as Toronto, and is far from out of it. Today’s […]

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