The Boston Celtics are Rolling

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Magic superstar center Dwight Howard found himself staring into space after the conclusion of Game 2. They were outsmarted, outhustled, not to mention out-defended by one of the oldest teams in the league. After winning eight straight in the playoffs, the team from the magical kingdom find themselves without answers. These Boston Celtics are cut from a different cloth that the teams from Atlanta and Charlotte. Atlanta barely made it out of the first round against a Milwaukee team without Andrew Bogut and Charlotte was making their first playoffs appearance. Add in Captain Jack’s penchant for chucking up 20 shots a game and the Bobcats were doomed from the beginning.

No, these Celtics have been there and done that. Only two years removed from a championship, critics were quick to dismiss Boston as too old. Who can blame them? The Celtics struggled during the season desperately trying to find the switch that would turn back time and remind us why the Celtics beat the LA Lakers in the Finals two years ago. After trashing the Cavs and dethroning self-proclaimed “King” LeBron James, the Celtics not only found the switch but took their gauge to another level.

If Game 2 was any indication, Boston was flying under the radar and the true team to beat in the Eastern Conference. Their lost last year to the Orlando Magic in seven games was a fluke. Kevin Garnett’s absence was sorely missing last year. When healthy, Garnett is still the league’s best team defender. Not to mention the player that drops the most F-bombs in a game. The intensity we can take but the F-bombs makes him a douche. With all the expletives out the way, Garnett has saved his intensity and energy for all the physical things needed to show on screens and help on defense when Howard catches the ball deep.

The Celtics captain Paul Pierce has more energy on offense now to expend. He is now asserting himself more and providing the Celtics with a consistent scorer. He was thought to be washed-up in their series against Cleveland. Turns out he was just exhausted trying to defend two-time MVP James. Of course, he now has to guard Vince Carter but come on. Just stay in front of Carter and make him shoot jump shots all day long. Problem solved.

Ray Allen has also located his stroke in the dumpsters of Seattle. His efficient shooting is opening up the lane for Pierce and Rajon Rondo. Rondo. The appointed Big One. This is his team now. Without him, Pierce, Garnett and Allen would be lost. He is also forcing Jameer Nelson into bad shooting nights.

Team defense is the key for the Celtics. They can think about scoring later. Boston has defended Orlando’s three-point threats like white on rice. Rashard Lewis is doing his best Mo Williams impression of disappearing in the playoffs. Carter, on the other hand, is doing his best Nick Anderson impression. And this is the guy that was supposed to replace Hedo Turkoglu? He missed two free throws with about 37 seconds left that could have brought the Magic within one. Career 80% free throw shooter, career choker in the clutch.

The Celtics are threatening for another title. If everyone stays healthy and focused (Attention: Rasheed Wallace) they’ll hand the Lakers their second Finals loss in three years.

The Magic need to make adjustments quick or else they’ll be the dust that gets swept up in Boston.

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