NFL Week 3: Titans @ Giants

Last season the Tennessee Titans started off the season in the worst way possible as they lost the first six games of the year, but after Titans head coach Jeff Fisher decided to bench veteran quarterback Kerry Collins in favor of Vince Young, the team was able to turn it around and win eight of the next ten games.

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Not only was Vince Young able to get back to form in the last ten games of last season, but Titans running back Chris Johnson quickly turned into arguably the best back in the league has he rushed for 2,006 yards and finished with 16 total touchdowns.

Needless to say, things were looking up for the Tennessee Titans once again and there were high hopes for this up and coming team heading into this season.

After Week 1, it looked like business as usual for the Titans as both Vince Young (154 yards passing, two touchdowns, 30 yards rushing) and Chris Johnson (150 total yards, two touchdowns) had big days against the Oakland Raiders on their way to a 38-13 victory. Unfortunately, the success didn’t last as just a week later the Pittsburgh Steelers defense put a pounding on Vince Young and company which led to a 19-11.

Not only were the Titans dominated by the rival Steelers, but Young was once again benched in favor of Collins after the former Texas standout threw two interceptions and was rendered helpless against the Pittsburgh pass rush.

Fortunately, Collins had some success against the Steelers defense, but not enough as the Titans still fell short.

Heading into Week 3, Vince Young will have the starting job under center once again and should have a good chance to prove to head coach Jeff Fisher that he is still the right man for the job as the Tennessee Titans will be going up against the New York Giants.

Much like the Titans, the Giants are coming off a disappointing loss in which they stood no chance against the potent offense of Peyton Manning’s Indianapolis Colts and lost their second game of the season 38-14.

In Week 3, Eli Manning and company will be looking to get back on track against the Tennessee Titans, but I just can’t see that happening as I believe running back Chris Johnson will have a big day against the Giants vulnerable secondary.

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The big question in this game will be whether or not Vince Young can rebound from his disappointing performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but even though the New York Giants will be taking notes about how the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to get the best of Vince Young and company, I believe the Titans will cruise to victory in this matchup and get back on track moving forward.

As of right now, the New York Giants are favored to win this Week 3 showdown with a -3 point spread, but taking the Tennessee Titans sounds like a solid be in my opinion.

Legit or Not?

Alex Rodriguez hit two home runs moving past Sammy Sosa for sixth place on the all-time home run list with 610. Rodriguez has 47 career home runs against the Red Sox, the most of any active player.

Alex Rodriguez passed Sammy Sosa for sixth on the all-time home run list on September 24 by hitting two home runs against the Yankees bitter rival, the Boston Red Sox. He now has 611 total home runs, 19 short of Ken Griffey, Jr. for 5th place. A-Rod is only the seventh player in history to hit 600 or more home runs. But, of course, his achievement begs the question, “How legitimate are his stats?”

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A-Rod, or A-Fraud as he’s called by some, admitted to using steroids during his campaign with the Texas Rangers from 2001 to 2003. In that span of three years, he hit 52, 57 and 47 homers for three seasons with the Rangers. That’s a total of 156 home runs that were helped by performance enhancing drugs. Subtract that from 611 and that’s 455 (assumed) steroid-free home runs.

We can go back and forth arguing that those tainted at-bats shouldn’t count or there needs to be an asterisk next to A-Rods name but we have to face the fact that Barry Bonds still sits atop the list of most homers with 762. There’s no asterisk and there has been no subtraction from his total home runs. That’s just the reality of it all.

All this brings us to two possible arguments.

First: A-Rod’s milestone should not count because he used performance enhancing drugs.

Mandatory testing for steroids was implemented only in 2004. Who in the world knows if A-Rod is telling the truth that he only used it during his days at Texas? The same question goes for Mark Maguire and Sammy Sosa. Was their home run race really a battle of steroid injections? Since Maguire admitted to using steroids during the great home run chase, Roger Maris’ record should stand. In fact, the North Dakota Senate is pushing that Maris’ single season home run record should still be recognized as the legit statistic. Maguire’s milestone during the 1998 season should be erased because he was helped. No matter his claims of using it for recovery, it still gave him an unfair advantage. Faster recovery with artificial substances is still cheating.

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Which brings us to A-Rod’s recent milestone. It would be preposterous to let A-Rod’s record stand because he was aided by substances that helped his performance (or his recovery). It would be fair to everyone in the baseball world to make A-Rod start from 455 home runs again. It’s not the most complicated decision Bud Selig has to make but at least it shows that he’s making an effort to correct the past mistake of A-Fraud.

Second: Not to disrespect the greats of baseball but it’s not impossible that Hank Aaron (755 HR’s) and Willie Mays (660 HR’s) experimented with performance enhancers. (Babe Ruth would have been included but he passed away in 1948)

Only in the past 10 years has MLB been cracking down of illegal use of performance-enhancing drugs. Are we sure that these greats did not take even an ounce of steroids. According to John McCloskey and Dr Julian Bailes of the book “When Winning Costs Too Much: Steroids, Supplements, and Scandal in Today’s Sports” anabolic steroids were dated back to the 1960’s. Mays had the tail end of his career in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Aaron continued to play until the mid 70’s. Again, it’s not entirely impossible that they experimented with steroids to continue their solid performances even in the twilight of their careers. Or used it for recovery purposes. This argument may prove to be moot since we’ll never know without their confessions. It could be a poor assumption but it’s something to think about.
If the assumption presented above has basis then A-Rod should not be subjected to all these issues concerning the legitimacy of his home runs.
It’s sad that such a beautiful sport like baseball has to go through dark times. There are plenty of issues of legitimacy of stats and which recently broken records should stand. All of this, though, is needed if MLB wants to move past the Steroid Era.

NFL Week 2 – Winners and Losers


RB Jahvid Best, Detroit Lions. The rookie showed enormous potential by gaining 232 all purpose yards. When Matthew Stafford recovers and with Best’s continuous development the Lions will be out of the cellar in three years. Hope you Lions fans are patient.

Fantasy pick-up? Yes, he’ll get more opportunities with Stafford out.

QB Michael Vick, Atlanta Falcons. Vick is the biggest winner this week. He was already named the starter for Week 3. He has learned how to be a pocket QB and is still a threat to take off for a highlight reel run.

Fantasy pick-up? Yes

K Mike Nugent, Cincinnati Bengals. With Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco you’d never know that a kicker would score the most points for the Bengals. It turns out that Nugent’s five goals were enough to beat the Ravens.

Fantasy pick-up? A kicker scoring all the points for a team? Heck yes

LB Clay Matthews, Green Bay Packers. He has been a defensive force for the Packers. He has back-to-back three sack games. It’s about time a different Packer besides Aaron Rodgers gets credit.

QB Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears. Only one interception in two games? That’s already an achievement for Cutler. By this time last year he has already thrown three.

Fantasy pick-up? Yes, until he falls into an interception binge

Pittsburgh’s D. Troy Polamalu is more important to the Steelers D than Ben Roethlisberger is to the team’s offense. Pittsburgh’s D has allowed only one touchdown in two games. And these aren’t against bottom dwelling teams. It was against the Falcons and Titans.

Fantasy pick-up? Should’ve drafted them

CB DJ Moore, Chicago Bears. Moore intercepted two of Romo’s passes and spearheaded a tough secondary that dropped the Cowboys to 0-2.
Indianapolis D. The Colts D put a spanking on the Giants and knocked around Eli to the ground as if he was Peyton’s little brother.

Fantasy pick-up? Nope. Depends on who they’re playing.


QB Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings. Favre is finally showing his age. He has been out of sync for two weeks in a row. The 40.year-old has not looked this bad since his final months in Green Bay.

Fantasy pick-up? Hard to tell but NO

QB Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens so-called improved offense was basically just on paper. They’ve scored a total of 20 points in the last two weeks.

Fantasy pick-up? As a back-up? Then yes.

WR Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers. Crabtree played great at the second half of the season last year. Where did all that talent go? That whole Niners offense is dysfunctional.

Fantasy pick-up? No. Too many offensive weapons for San Francisco.

Buffalo Bills. Their offense is in shambles and their defense is confused. CJ Spiller has disappointed. The Bills have been outscored 17 to 59 in the past two games. These guys could finish 2-14.

QB Eli Manning, New York Giants. Manning needs to re-group his offensive line and tell them, “Guys, I think your job is to protect me from getting hit”. Manning cannot operate with an unreliable O-line. The preseason was a sign that Manning was going to get hit a lot this season.

Fantasy pick-up? Yes, he’ll be fine.

QB Matt Moore, Carolina Panthers. Carolina’s QB position is cursed. First, Jake Delhomme and now Matt Monroe. Rookie Jimmy Clausen better tread carefully.

Fantasy pick-up? No, thank you

Head coach Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles. Naming Kolb a starter for Week 3 then backtracking and then naming Vick as the starter will do some serious damage to Kolb’s confidence. Reid has given in to popular demand and went with Vick.

Kolb or Vick?

Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid backtracked on his decision to start Kevin Kolb on Sunday against the Jaguars and named Michael Vick the starter.

Reid simply caved in to the popular demand of the Eagles faithful. You know how patient and understanding they are once the going gets tough. Sarcasm much? Reid wanted to position himself in a win-win situation. If the Eagles lose, then it isn’t his fault because he gave what the fans wanted and can argue that Vick has been playing out of his mind lately. It would be a travesty to fix something that ain’t broke. If the Eagles win he looks like a genius and tells everyone he knew Vick was ready.

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It isn’t about developing Kolb along with his young receivers anymore. It’s about Vick’s feel good comeback story. Most of us would be lying if we say that we never wanted to see Vick make a successful comeback in the NFL. In fact maybe most of us rooted for him to get his life back together and work his way back to the league. Pay his dues. Reid gave in to our sentiments. As shameful as it might be to root for an animal rights felon, we can’t avoid a feel good comeback story.

Kolb has just played in two quarters this season. Reid didn’t even give the kid a chance to settle in and get into rhythm. During the preseason, the inconsistent coach raved about Kolb’s abilities and talents. Now, the same coach who showed confidence in him threw him under the truck. No doubt that this move will damage Kolb’s confidence in the future. His demotion to back-up quarterback hinders the plan to develop him along with the Eagles receiving corp.

So far Kolb has gone along with this shenanigan. He declared his future with Philadelphia as “bright as ever” despite the recent reports from the blogosphere that there have been inquiries from other teams about his availability. He could easily demand a trade and start for the Cardinals or the Bills. His development unimpeded by a lurking former Pro Bowler or a flimsy floosy coach.

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With all the flak Reid has gotten in the past days, his naming of Vick as a starter is justified. Philadelphia’s offensive line is pretty weak and Vick’s athleticism hides it. He has already absorbed eight sacks despite his ability to escape on-rushing defenders. One can’t help think how many sacks and concussions a pocket quarterback like Kolb will suffer with Philadelphia’s O-line.

So Vick or Kolb? Kolb may actually need time to sit, watch and learn from an All-Pro quarterback like Michael Vick. He looks like a tough customer (judging from his keenness to get back into a game after suffering a concussion) so hopefully this move doesn’t mess with him mentally. So, we say keep Kolb for the long term. And with the Eagles present problems, Vick is a safe bet.

Which team is best after Week 1?

Coming into the NFL regular season, the Indianapolis Colts were considered to be the top dogs in the NFL and for good reason as they had relatively the same team intact with their eyes set solely on competing for a Super Bowl title, but after falling to the Houston Texans and letting running back Arian Foster have a career day with 231 rushing yards and three touchdowns, the power may have shifted headed into Week 2.

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The Indianapolis Colts loss to the Houston Texans was a surprise to say the least, but Peyton Manning and company were the only Super Bowl title contenders to lose in Week 1 as the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets all fell in the first week of the NFL regular season.

Obviously, no matter how high a team is ranked or how much hype surrounds a team heading into the NFL regular season a Super Bowl title contender is bound to disappoint at one time or another, this time around it just happen to be in Week 1, but what team, if any, is now considered the team to beat in the NFL.

Personally, I believe it is the Baltimore Ravens.

There is no question that the Baltimore Ravens defense had a relatively easy task in Week 1 trying to contain a questionable New York Jets offense led by second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez, but being able to get the best or arguably the best defense in the league on offense was impressive in my opinion.

Joe Flacco might not be considered a dominant quarterback in this league just yet, but I believe this season could be his year as he finally has the right pieces to the puzzle on the offensive side of the football to get the ball rolling and put up a lot of points on the scoreboards on a weekly basis.

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Last season Flacco had a good year, but with such a promising young running back in Ray Rice coming out of the backfield, the Ravens quarterback didn’t have to throw for 300+ yards a game like Peyton Manning to keep this offense firing on all cylinders.

Even though they still have one of the league’s best running backs, the Baltimore Ravens have added to dominant wide receivers into the mix in perennial Pro Bowler Anquan Boldin (Arizona Cardinals) and recently acquire T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Seattle Seahawks). With these two Pro Bowl caliber wide receivers downfield, Joe Flacco’s job has become that much easier as he now has the right targets downfield and a dominant force in Ray Rice coming out of the backfield.

Everything seems to be pointing in the right direction for the Baltimore Ravens this season and with their impressive win over the New York Jets this past Monday, the sky seems to be limit as they could easily go on to win the AFC North division and make their pave their way all the way up to the Super Bowl come February.

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